covid 19 response

Balfour Church Family –

As a community, we are navigating new territory. With daily announcements and increasing changes to normal life, many of us are asking how should we respond. Our Site Leadership Team has been working faithfully behind the scenes to lead our church well as we adapt to each changing day. In our effort to keep our church family as healthy as possible, we are going to postpone Sunday Worship services for at least the next 3 Sundays. As the COVID19 situation improves or worsens we will adjust our plan around Sunday Services. Hopefully we will be able to meet again soon.

In the meantime, we can continue to connect and grow as followers of Jesus.

First, Stay Devoted.

I encourage you to continue with, or start a daily devotion. Whether it’s morning or evening – I encourage you to read God’s word, pray and fast. Trials are hard, but they are also rich times of discipleship and growing in our dependence on God.

Second, I encourage you to encourage one another.

Whether it’s with a phone call, an email, Facebook message, or handwritten letter, we can help one another by staying connected. With social distancing restrictions in place we’ll have limited ability to meet face to face. But there are numerous video conferencing options we can use to talk face to face. For those of you in small groups, please stay in contact with members of your group. If you’re not in a small group but like to join one, please contact me at or 250-551-4476 and I’ll help you get connected.

Third, Worship God each Sunday

if you’d like to continue to worship God in some way on Sunday, I’d like to suggest two ministries where you can join an online service. The first is the Live Stream service from Pastor Jesse and the Junction Church. Their service starts at 10am and you can join in by clicking on this link

Another option is Life Church – a large Evangelical Covenant Church in Oklahoma. The website is and you can join a Sunday service by clicking on this link.

In place of our Sunday worship, I plan to stay connected with you in a couple ways.

First, I will be praying for a portion of our Church family each day, and I will be calling, texting or emailing individuals in that group to stay connected with you.

I’m also working on posting devotional videos throughout the week. I plan to work through daily devotions on the YouVersion Bible app.  Click on this link to go to their site and download the app.   I’ll keep you posted as those videos become available.

As always, if you’d like to talk or pray with me, you can contact me at or call me at 250-551-4476. I would love to listen and help you discern how God is working in you through all of this.

Let me leave you with this.

It’s true we are postponing our Sunday Service, but we are not cancelling Church. And while we may not be gathering for a few weeks, we are finding new ways to continue living as the church on mission here in the Kootenays. We are Church. The Church is more than a building, or specific service on Sunday, the Church always has been and always will be the people of God gathered around Jesus. So, whether the church is a group Chinese pastors meeting in prison or community of Canadian Christians encouraging each other over the internet – we remain The Church. Bless you this week, and may the Spirit of God guide us.